Automotive Market Research In China
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CBC Marketing Research has provided fieldwork for Automotive Research in China since 2002. We conduct fieldwork together with our research partners from all over the world.

CBC has an experienced and professional car clinic research team composed of international project managers, car clinic moderators and fieldworkers. Our clients include top-level car companies from Germany, Korea, Japan and France. In the past ten years, we have successfully invited hundreds of targeted car owners of Bentley, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other brands all over China to attend our car clinics.

Car Market Research studies include Car clinics which are the primary tool for uncovering key insights on consumer response to changes in design and details for prototype cars introduced to China. CBC can conduct static car clinics, dynamic car clinics, 3D virtual car clinics, new car model tests and also driving usability studies to fulfill our customers’ tailored needs.

We highly recommend car companies to do car clinics on a regular basis and consider car clinics as a crucial part in automotive research in China.


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