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CBC is a multinational neuromarketing research firm offering full-range services. Our neuromarketing technology panel includes Eye tracking, EEG/ERP, fMRI and 3D virtual reality, which enables us to study consumers’ emotions and subconscious thoughts. CBC is the first neuromarketing research company in China offering access to a spectrum of equipment - from basic research equipment to the most scientific and sophisticated ones in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, India (Mumbai and Delhi), Japan and Switzerland.

Key Technologies

CBC neuromarketing services are flexible and client-tailored in the highest standards. We choose or combine different technologies depending on the product nature to deliver the best solution.

  • ■  Eye-tracking:
    With Eye-tracking, we could precisely find out what truly catches people’s eyes. Suitable for both static and dynamic visual stimulus, and is now widely used for packaging tests; shop visual improvement (interior/window design); website design/navigation optimization; logo/poster design, etc.
    By introducing eye-tracking in neuromarketing research, we’ve successfully established a cross-cultural observation system, which is extremely useful to for international businesses.
    Facial expressions, an important indicator of emotions, were once believed to be consistent across cultures. While with facial expression detection, we now begin to see the presence of cultural codes on people’s faces.
  • ■  EEG/ERP:
    EEG/ERP is a highly precise, noninvasive technology that captures real-time electrical brain signals - brain waves, as respondents are being exposed to products/marketing materials. Within CBC neuromarketing process, we filter the enormous brain wave into meaningful categories and translate them into comparable values. EEG directly answers the most subjective question “Do you like it?” with the most objective data, making the results thus more reliable than any other traditional market research methodology. It is indeed an accurate indicator of the true attention level and preference status - because neurons do NOT lie.
  • ■  fMRI:
    CBC is one of the few agencies that has the ability to offer fMRI market research service in China and India. fMRI is the cutting-edge – the most sophisticated neuroimaging technology, which provides the most precise data possible of brain activities. It is mostly used in medical diagnosis and scientific functions due to the high technicality and costs. This service is now within your reach! CBC has successfully developed affordable research packages that can support your product testing needs.
  • ■  3D Virtual Reality:
    The 3D Virtual Reality environment is an immersive surrounding that guarantees maximum duplication of consumers’ true shopping/observation behaviors, while maintaining control of the variables that are not controllable in real environments. Especially suitable for testing complicated prototypes or environments such as new car automobile models, hotel room decorations, in-store shopping studies, etc.

International Consultant Team

CBC is collaborating with top universities & research institutes globally. Our panel of consultants consists of experts and scholars in the fields of psychology, sociology, behavioral science, neuroscience and business management across China, India, Japan and Switzerland. We provide the most efficient methodology based on our clients’ specific needs, and individualized research program that matches the product, budget and timings flawlessly. CBC’s expertise within the Asian markets, combined with the knowledge of our partners, allows us to generate powerful solutions for our clients to be successful in Asia.

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