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CBC Marketing Research has served more than 300 research firms from all parts of the world. Among our international clients, more than 80 are long-term clients which have cooperated for over 3 years with CBC marketing Research.

Working with us you benefit from:
  • A professional project team with international service standards and broad language capabilities, allowing for efficiency and ease of communication.
  • A single dedicated project manager assigned to oversee all your global projects with us, eliminating the time and energy that would be wasted on communications with multiple partners.
  • Lowered labor costs from sourcing project management and interviewing resources in Asia, in addition to our stringent cost controls and innovative pricing strategies can result in great cost benefits.
  • Over 1000 well-trained and experienced interviewers with capabilities in 38 languages allow us to cover all the main European and Asian markets with CATI.
  • Person to person interviews offered in our main markets China, Hong Kong, India and Switzerland or globally in co-operation with our partner firms.


CBC Marketing Research has provided fieldwork for Automotive Research in China since 2002. We conduct fieldwork together with our research partners from all over the world.



CBC Marketing Research runs regular Omnibus studies in China and Switzerland. Every month we conduct our CBC Omnibus in 5 cities in China. For each city we interview 500 semi-randomly selected male and female samples, 16 to 55 years old.MORE


Satisfaction. Retention. Advocacy. Do you want to know exactly how loyal your customers are, how your brand stacks up, and how to improve?



If you are looking for Market Research services, it is clear you already have a keen awareness of the value of information in business. Whether it is tracking... MORE


Having a morale issue and not sure how to handle it? Market research techniques can let us find the issues and make educated recommendations to get your personnel on the right track.



Uncover your current service standards and move to improve your service and operations through Mystery Shopping, a powerful and effective research method where data is collected by field researchers examining your business while posing as potential customers.MORE


Tracking studies is periodic testing that lets us monitor key business data, such as effectiveness of marketing activities, market share, strength or awareness of brand, satisfaction, service perception, and even internal variables such as employee satisfaction.MORE


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