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CBC Marketing Research is one of the leading Cati Market Research Companies in China.

Many findings from qualitative research can be tested or quantified using telephone interviews, which CBC has conducted since the year 2000. CBC Marketing Research uses CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) as the main tool in quantitative research in China.

CBC is a pioneer in doing Cati Telephone Surveys, and has effectively utilized this methodology in China despite the challenges posed by the great diversity of dialects from north to south.

With more than 100 CATI stations used for Cati Interviewing across our Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou offices, CBC is capable of covering all areas of China. Our Chinese call centers are also capable of data collection covering Korea and Japan.

For years, CBC Marketing Research has been the preferred provider of global CATI interviewing and fieldwork for a great number of International research clients.


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