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Ethnographic Research is a recently added capability of CBC Marketing Research, examining the culture code in China, Japan and India, and uncovering the cultural differences between people. It provides a clear picture of certain habits and attitudes in the countries we are working in.

CBC has quickly established itself among leading global Ethnographic Research Companies.

Ethnographic Research can be conducted within a singular country, across multiple countries, or between different ethnic groups. It is also an excellent tool for gaining cultural insight into minority groups. "What differences do we see in car usage or preferences between people from large cities like Shanghai, versus people from less developed areas like Tibet? This is an example question that could effectively be answered through Ethnographic Research.

The research we conducted has always been well documented using movies and photography. Well-documented Ethnographic Research can be extremely helpful in comprehending local consumer culture, and giving insight to help you imagine how your products will fit into target markets.


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